Dear Faculty, Staff and Students of the College of Engineering and Computing:

I am pleased to announce that the College of Engineering and Computing has deployed a web portal using Citrix software that allows faculty, staff and students access to software applications that normally are available only in EIC computer labs.

You can now access your engineering applications as well as Microsoft Office software via a web browser such as Internet Explorer and connect from anywhere you have connectivity to the internet, at any time using your laptop, iPAD, or any other device with the same look and feel as if the application were being loaded directly on your device.

In addition, this web portal allows access to your network files stored in EIC servers (your home directory or H drive and shared folders located in the S drive, R drive, and others directories), making them as easy to use from a remote location as from an on-campus computer.

The Citrix Web portal is available to anyone in the College with a valid Netware account. You will be granted access to the deployed applications by using your current Novell network user name and password (same credentials you use to gain access to EIC computer labs or your personal computer in campus)

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Hernan Bormey and his incredible EIC team for taking the lead on this initiative. I would also like to recognize that this initiative would not have been possible without the support of the UTS via the Student Technology Fees project that EIC won through university-wide competitions.

Best Regards,

Amir Mirmiran
Dean of Engineering and Computing