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About EIC

The ENGINEERING INFORMATION CENTER serves the teaching, learning, research and academic communities of the College of Engineering and Computing. As its core mission, EIC is responsible for developing and implementing the College’s Information Systems strategy. This includes the evolution of the underlying computational technologies as well as the communications infrastructure that serve the Center’s diverse set of constituencies. The infrastructure has played a key role in the continual growth of the College’s research and instructional programs.

Additionally, the Center is charged with the management of information systems, hardware, software, and human resources associated with the ENGINEERING INFORMATION NETWORK (EINET). Included are departmental computer resources (both hardware and software) and the technical support provided to faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering and Computing. The Center manages an array of Windows, and LINUX network servers. These servers provide PCs and LINUX workstations with application services, data storage facilities, and network information services.

The ENGINEERING INFORMATION CENTER provides service in software development, computer consulting, systems design, system integration, telecommunication, networking, solid modeling, visualization, simulations, multimedia, graphic design, web development and computer training to other departments throughout the university and also to outside businesses from our local private industry sector.

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