Alberto Oria

Alberto Oria

Interim Director

A Message From The Director

Since its beginning, the Engineering Information Center (EIC) has been the College of Engineering and Computing’s primary medium for data communications. Though technology and network applications continue to grow and change throughout this era known as the “Information Age”, our mission remains the same: to provide efficient, flexible and reliable access to cutting edge information technologies of hardware, software, and networking for students (present and prospective), faculty, and staff.

Today all of the college’s information systems are connected via the FIU and EIC network serving many different functions, most notably:

  • Providing management and support to eight computer labs, seven of which have a capacity of up to 30 to 50 users, totaling a 308-seat volume; as well as another 560 computers throughout the college’s various departments
  • Providing researchers with connectivity to the center’s computational resources and specialized instruments
  • Providing faculty, staff and students with access to the college’s Windows and UNIX file and application servers.
  • Providing access to approximately 45 engineering software suites (including ANSYS, ArcGIS, Autodesk AutoCAD, Primavera and SolidWorks) through our computer labs and off-campus through EICAPPS, our Citrix farm
  • Providing web development and hosting capabilities

Aside from these functions, EIC provides additional services such as campus-wide desktop tech support, printing services (black-and-white, color, and large-format posters) at an economical price, free laptop rentals and access to a digital signage system, which lets faculty, staff, and student organizations easily display announcements for all to see.

Through the use of these information technology resources, EIC is committed to supporting the university’s programs for instruction, research, student services, and administration. We continue to work towards creating an environment that provides faculty, staff, and students with the capacity to share valuable resources, fostering an atmosphere where collaboration and instruction grow with synergy that is unique, truly reflecting FIU’s goal to be “Worlds Ahead.”