Director’s Message

Alberto OriaAlberto Oria

Interim Director

Since it’s beginning, the ENGINEERING INFORMATION CENTER has developed as the College of Engineering and Computings primary medium for data communications, the ENGINEERING INFORMATION NETWORK (EINET). Today all of the College’s information systems are connected via the EINET, serving many different functions, most notably:



  • Provides researchers with connectivity to the Center’s computational resources
  • Provides faculty, staff, and students with access to the College’s Netware, Windows, and UNIX file and application servers.
  • Provides external connectivity for the College’s distance learning programs.
  • Provides access to the Internet.
  • Provides web development and hosting capabilities
  • Provides wireless connectivity.

Through the ENGINEERING INFORMATION NETWORK (EINET), the EIC has developed an advanced computing environment, with the inherent strengths of concurrent, collaborative engineering applications. It is an environment that provides faculty, staff, and students with the capacity to share valuable resources, fostering an atmosphere where collaboration and instruction grow with synergy that is unique, serving as a signal of the coming benefits of the “Information Age”.