EIC Apps

Did you know that you could access your engineering applications such as AutoCAD,  SolidWorks, MS Office, and others from  anywhere you have Internet connectivity?

Connect and run your favorite engineering applications online anytime and anywhere through your web browser. To begin using your favorite software programs in the EIC Virtual Labs.

If you have never logged into the EICAPPS  you will need to install the appropriate client to access your data from the FIU network.

How to login to EIC Apps

Specific steps on how to log into your remote applications
Using the Citrix Client or the web interface.

Log on to access your applications

Login to access your applications remotely

How to troubleshoot Citrix

Can the user login to Citrix?

Anytime and anywhere, from your laptop to your iPAD, now you can access your engineering software programs online using  EIC Apps


EICAPPS Active sessions will disconnected after 8 hours.