Hours of Operation

Your Netware account will allow you to work in any of the 6 instructional computers labs and two open labs in the Engineering Center and to login remotely to the Citrix portal. 4 of those labs are located inside EC-2800 (EC-2807, EC-2830, EC-2832, and EC-2840). The other 3 are located in EC-2710, EC-3239 and EC-2940. Open labs are located in EC-3278 and EC-2807 (Graduate lab). When there are no instructional sessions, the computer labs in EC-2800, EC-2710, EC-2940, and EC-3239 are available to the students as open labs as well.

Open Hours for EC-2807 and EC-2840

Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Open Hours for EC-3278

  • Monday-Friday 8AM-8PM
  • Saturdays 9AM-5PM

A UTS sponsored open computer lab is available for any student at EC-3278. No classes are scheduled in this lab. Please use EC-3278 during the weekends.

Open hours for other Labs

  • Monday-Friday 8AM-10PM
  • Closed on weekends

Computer labs are closed for University holidays, maintenance periods between semesters and unexpected emergencies.

EIC Computer Lab Reservation Form

Lab reservation will be on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to classes that require student computer/software usage. Responses will be made to Requestor within 5 business days

We reserve the right to change the given room assignments in order to accommodate larger classes or to resolve arising class conflicts.

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Contact Information:

Giselle Alvarez
Phone: 305-348-1870