broken-connectionA major malfunction or an emergency situation at the Engineering Center has affected our data center making our servers no longer available.

Please check your FIU email account for important messages from EIC.

To gain access to your data stored in our network drives, please follow these instructions. Note that ONLY your most recent data (data created or modified in the last year) is presented at the Disaster Recovery Site. A copy of your older data is SAFE and is being stored in our magnetic tapes Library.

There are two ways to connect to the servers at the Disaster Recovery site:

  1. Using the Novell Client (preferred method if you are working from your desktop computer)
  2. Using a web browser (Netstorage service)



[ppmtoggle title=”Using the Novell Client:”]

If you have access to your desktop computer at the Engineering Center, or a laptop with the Novell Client already installed, this is the preferred method to connect to the Disaster Recovery (DR) servers. It just involves changing the default server on the Novell client to the server at the DR site (

  1. Located the Novell client icon (Big Red N) at the bottom right of your desktop (Figure 1).
  2. Right click on the Novell Services icon, and select “Novell Login…”
  3. On the login window, please click on the “Advanced” button (See Figure2).
  4. On the server section, enter and enter your user name and password (See Figure 3).
  5. Click on the OK button. Your login screen will be displayed informing you that you are now connected to the DR site where your H-drive is now referred as P-drive (P=H).

Once you login into the DR site, you will have access to your H-drive and to the network shared folders in the S-drive and R-drive. NOTE: Your H-drive data will be shown on the P-drive on the DR site

Novell Figure 1

Figure 1: Novell Services client icon

Novell Figure 2

Figure 2: Novell Client for Login into Windows.

Novell Figure 3

Figure 3: Novell login into DR site with server

Novell Figure 4

Figure 4: DR site login results with notification message.


[ppmtoggle title=”Using a Web Browser (Netstorage):”]

If you do not have access to a computer with the Novell client installed, please use this method to connect to the DR site and gain access to your files stored on the network.

  1. Open a windows browser (any browser such as IE, Chrome or FireFox)
  2. Enter the following URL: or
  3. You may get a warning message about the web certificate, please ignore and continue (see Figure 1).
  4. At the Security Window, enter your Novell username and password (see Figure2).

netstorage figure 1

Figure1: Screen shot of warning message received from IE complaining about website’s certificate.

netstorage figure 2

Figure 2: Logon Window for Netstorage.