Engineering Computer Requirements & Recommendations


For optimal performance in their coursework, it is advised that engineering students purchase a laptop meeting or exceeding the specifications outlined below. Multiple courses mandate the use of personal computers both on and off campus. We have emphasized the minimum requirements and provided recommendations based software requirements.


On this website, you’ll find universal recommendations that apply to all entry-level courses across the college. However, as you progress into a degree program or specialization, the expectations of the program may lead to an increase in these requirements.

  Minimum Requirement
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional
(MacOS and Chrome OS have limited support)
Processor: Intel 12th Gen i5 or i7
Memory: 16GB RAM
Storage (Hard Drive): 512GB NVMe SSD

Most engineering applications are not compatible with operating systems such as macOS or Linux. If you have already purchased an Apple laptop, we suggest exploring purchasing Parallel Desktop®, which enables you to operate Windows or Linux operating systems and applications on your Mac.

Note: Using Parallel Desktop® does not provide a guarantee that applications will run on MacOS, Linux or Chrome OS