How to login to EicApps


Using Citrix Client
(preferred mode that will gain access to Network drives)

Click here for Windows detailed instructions

Click here for MAC detailed instructions

**** You need to Login to citrix using your Novell username and password. If you are unable to login, go to the following link to change your Novell password:

Using Web Interface

1.     Go to

2.    login with your novell username and password.

3.    In the domain type: EICAD

4.     You can use all the applications that are available for you.

**** If password does not work with citrix client, you have to change the password when you login into a computer that has the novell client or use this website to change your password:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Not able to login to eicapps. “Your credentials are invalid. Try again or contact your system administrator. “

–          Change the Novell password and try again.

2. What type of operating system is supported?

–          platform independent

3. Could I use the ipad?

–          Yes.  Download the citrix receiver app

4. Where do I save my work?

–          The fastest method is in on the H drive. Also the local drives are available.

5. Why is there a delay with the applications?

–          It depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

6. What happened if I lose internet connection?

–          Login to eicapps and click on “reconnect online sessions”

7. Where can I get help?

–          If you are having trouble, please contact EIC tech support in Room EC2805 or call 305.348.3034 .