How to login to EicApps

How to login to EicApps

Specific steps on how to log into your remote applications


Using Citrix Client
(preferred mode that will gain access to Network drives):

1.     Download the Windows or Mac Client to your desktop (see links below):

2.     Run the downloaded file from your desktop.

3.     Wen asked for a server name, type the following: . Login with your Novell username and password and type the following domain: EICAD

Click here for Windows detailed instructions

Click here for MAC detailed instructions

**** You need to Login to citrix using your Novell username and password. If you are unable to login, go to the following link to change your Novell password:


Using web interface:

1.     Go to

2.    login with your novell username and password.

3.    In the domain type: EICAD

4.     You can use all the applications that are available for you.

**** If password does not work with citrix client, you have to change the password when you login into a computer that has the novell client or use this website to change your password:


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Not able to login to eicapps. “Your credentials are invalid. Try again or contact your system administrator. “

–          Change the Novell password and try again.

2. What type of operating system is supported?

–          platform independent

3. Could I use the ipad?

–          Yes.  Download the citrix receiver app

4.    Where do I save my work?

–          The fastest method is in on the H drive. Also the local drives are available.

5.    Why is there a delay with the applications?

–          It depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

6. What happened if I lose internet connection?

–          Login to eicapps and click on “reconnect online sessions”

7. Where can I get help?

–          If you are having trouble, please contact EIC at 305.348.3034, visit the center at EIC 2800, or email Andres Pulido at “anpulido(at)”