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Remote Computer Access for MyFIU

Access our computers remotely with an internet connection using your MyFIU account. Easily use any of our apps and software, just like you would in our labs on campus.

Remote Computer Policy and Best Practices

Note: Please review our Remote Connection policy and best practices before accessing the remote desktops.

All work must be saved to the H:/ Drive; any unsaved work or work that is saved locally will be deleted and can not be recovered.

Things to know before using remote desktop connection:

Use the following format to login:

Students: panther\MyFIUusername
Faculty & Employees: AD\MyFIUusername

Password: Your MyFIU Password
Please note that your MyFIU username is your FIU email without
Need to reset your password? Click here to reset it! 

You MUST use FIU’s VPN to access remotely.

Using the same computer as last time? Head over to the remote access login page to get the list of active computers. Always use the computers available from the web page and download a new remote desktop file.

Mac user? Install Microsoft Remote Desktop before logging in to connect.

ca1ac592 e778 11e8 a65f 126b3cabd094What are your MyFIU credentials? These are the credentials you use to access your account at or the same credentials you use for your FIU email.

Frequently Asked Questions/

Start here with common issues and their answers on connecting remotely to our computers using your MyFIU credentials.

Review our policy & best practices

My credentials are incorrect.

Please ensure that you are using the following format when logging in:
Username: panther\MyFIUusername
Password: Your MyFIU Password
Please note that your MyFIU username is your FIU email without
Need to reset your password? Click here to reset it! 

Can I download other software to the remote computers?

Legal downloads of software/programs are allowed, however, the computers will not save this software once you log out and it will be wiped clean. Illegal/pirated software is strictly prohibited on FIU computers. Please click here for our computer lab policies/procedures.

I tried to use the same download I previously used and it's not working now or signs me off.

In order to guarantee the computer you used last time is still free or not under maintenance, please go to the list of computers available for remote access to ensure that yours is still available.

Student Login >               Instructor Login >  

I am having issues with my VPN in order to access the computers remotely.

VPN must be enabled in order for you to access our computers remotely. You can find instructions here on how to setup 2-factor authentication and FIU’s VPN. Additionally, you can find video walkthroughs on how to set this up here, in our video library. 

Unfortunately, FIU’s VPN is managed by FIU Division of IT, so if you are still having issues connecting you will have to reach out to them at (305) 348-2284.

Help! I am still having issues connecting remotely to the computers.

If you are having trouble, please contact EIC Tech Shop or call (305) 348-3034.
You can also submit a support ticket through the EIC Help Desk here.

I have a mac and I cannot connect.

Please ensure that you have downloaded the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Apple store in order to access our labs remotely. You can download that app here