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Information Technology




Remote Connections


Laptop Loaner Program

Laptop computers are available for checkout to any engineering student in good standing currently enrolled in a College of Engineering course.

Important Account Information

The following are services that an EIC account offers you.

NOVELL Netstorage

This service allows the user to have secure access to their network drives in the FIU Engineering Center via a secure-encrypted connection.

Your Network Account

Your Netware account brings new privileges and responsibilities. With your Netware network account you will be able to use the college computer labs. In addition, you will be able to safely store your data in a Netware server that can only be accessed by your account (H: Drive or home drive).

Your EIC Netware account does not need to be renewed every semester; however, your account may be removed if it has been inactive for more than six months. You are responsible for having a backup of your data from Netware account if your account is removed.

Students from other disciplines taking engineering classes may request a network account per semester basis.

To logoff: Once you are done accessing your network account, do not forget to logoff; otherwise, other individuals may delete or alter your documents or use your account to perform illegal actions that will be attributed to you.

How do I change my password

You can change your password at any point during your Windows session.To change your password press “Crtl-Alt-Del” and a window titled “Novell Security” will come up. Click on the “Change Password” button. Enter your old password, press “Tab” to jump to the next field, type in your new password, press “Tab” and confirm your new password. Make sure to remember and take note of your password.

Data Space allocation

Disk space to save “academic related data” in their H-drive that can be accessed in any computer lab in the engineering building by logging in with the given EIC Netware account or remotely.

Undergraduate students are given 500MB of disk space to save “academic related data” in their H: Drive. The drive may be accessed in any computer lab in the engineering building by logging in with the given EIC Netware account or you may also login remotely. Please note that you will only have access to your account files, not the computer’s files.

Graduate students are given 1GB of space. Both undergraduates and graduates can request an increase of disk space if necessary.

Printing Privileges

Each Netware account allows you easy access to our printing system and comes with $10 of printing credits for free. You may purchase more credits if needed.

Accessing Your Data from Home (Remote Access)

Your data folder ( H: Drive as well as other shared drives) may be accessed remotely.

Publishing Your Own Website from your Account

Create a folder called “public_html” in the H: Drive. Put your HTML code in this folder and access it through the web by typing Be aware that the first page of your web site that will be displayed is the one named “index.html” or “Index.htm”.

Reporting Equipment Problems

Please speak to the Lab Staff member on duty to report any equipment problems. You are also welcome to e-mail the lab manager, Mr. Alberto Oria, at .
A software documentation library is provided at the EIC facility. All software also come with their respective documentations installed (online help).

UTS computer lab is located at EAS-2940 and is available to all students.
The same software packages installed on our labs are installed on the EAS-2940 computers.

Photocopy machine and scanners are available at our facility.

A Laser color printer is available to the students for a fee of $ 1/page.