Departmental & Office Booking/Reservations 

The Event and Space Request Form can be found here. Please note that your reservation does not come with tech support, if tech support is needed it must be immediately requested prior to the reservation through EIC’s Help Desk.

  • Dean’s Office
  • EC2300 Reservations: Please submit your reservation 5-10 business days in advance, this room requires additional programming for door access and closure. Requests for EC2300 are not guaranteed if made the day before. All room requests will be answered within 24 – 48 hours. Also, please note that CEC Leadership or University Leadership will occasionally/unexpectedly need this space for events, their reservation will take priority and your reservation is subject to cancellation, we will notify you of such cancellations and help accommodate to a secondary space.
  • ***Please review the rules to follow when serving food and include the facilities confirmation numbers (as shown below), along with your reservation request using the link:
      FMD Number: XXXXX
      Work Order Number:XXXXXXX
      Coordinator Name:Jimmy Almansa
      Coordinator Phone:(305) 348-4618
      To cancel an event request, please provide notification at least 48 business hours before the day of the event, to allow other areas an opportunity to reserve the space as well.
    • Julieta Vallejos – – 305.348.6929
    • Mariam Barrueco – – 305.348.5245