EIC offers 3D printing services for all engineering students. This feature is perfect for students, faculty, staff, researchers and senior design projects.

There are nineteen 3D printers available across various departments, such as the Engineering Manufacturing Center, the Center for Diversity and Student Success, the Biomedical and Mechanical Department, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. These printers offer competitive pricing, high resolution, and large build volumes.


The 3D printers at EIC offer a wide variety of printing options. These advanced printers have up to 600 x 600 x 1600 DPI resolution and print in high definition. The specifications of the 3D printers are shown in the table below.

3D printing specs


  • Validation prototyping
    • Individual components and multi-materials assemblies for design testing and verification, including snap-fit and prototype part count reduction.
    • Water-tightness applications, fluid flow or internal structures visualization.
    • Functional testing of plastic  elastomeric product.
    • Over-molding
  • Rapid tooling
    • Jigs and fixtures
    • Master patterns for RTV molding
  • Dies for forming applications

EIC Featured Printers

Original Prusa I3

Creality3D Ender 3

Foxnovo Creality Ender 3

List of 3D Printers at CEC

The table below lists the 3D printers at CEC:

  • Mechatronics Laboratory and Engineering Manufacturing Center and
  • Center for Diversity and Success, Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.
3D printers

Departments that Offer 3D Printing

The departments below also offer 3D printing services. All services are reachable via appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled via the corresponding email(s) for that department.*

* 3D printing fees apply depending on the complexity of the task and the materials used for printing.

Department Name Contact Name Contact Information
Mechatronics Laboratory at MME (Mechanics & Materials Engineering Department) Richard Zicarelli richard-todd.zicarelli@fiu.edu
AMERI (Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute)   ameri@fiu.edu
AMERI 3D Printing page
BME (Biomedical Engineering) Department Yun Qian yqian@fiu.edu
CD-SSEC (Center for Diversity & Student Success) Andres Tremante tremante@fiu.edu


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