Woman working on laptop next to server room

Laptop Loaner Program

To further enhance the student’s educational pursuits, Dell laptop computers are available for checkout to any Engineering student in good standing currently enrolled in a College of Engineering course. Laptops are made available to the student on a first come first served basis.

Checkout times are:
Monday • Wednesday • Friday
11:00 AM to 5:30 PM 
Please bring your schedule and filled out laptop form (see below)!

Prior to checking out a laptop computer, you must:

Read and complete the Borrower’s Responsibility Form. Be sure to fill out all of the required information. Complete a Checkout and Liability Form in which you acknowledge and accept responsibility for the laptop computer and any peripheral equipment checked out to you. You will need to complete the Checkout and Liability Form each time you check out a computer.

Provide a current and valid FIU Student ID card as well as one other official ID (driver’s license or SS card). Bring a copy of your class schedule no older than 48 hours. There will be no checkouts to anyone not providing their FIU Student ID and another official form of ID. Copies of these two IDs and your class schedule will be made and attached to your Borrower’s Responsibility Form.

Borrowers are financially responsible for the following:

Full replacement cost of all laptop computers and peripherals checked out to you if lost, damaged, or stolen during the checkout period. The systems are valued at approximately $450.00. The full cost of repairs charged to us if repair is necessary due to damage, including damage caused by spillage from food or beverage.

Any costs or fees that you accrue due to your usage or negligence under this agreement must be paid immediately. A hold will be placed on your FIU student account until the balance is paid. You cannot register, receive grades, or a transcript until the balance is paid and the hold is cleared. Systems not returned within 24 hours of the agreed-upon return date will be considered stolen. FIU police will be contacted and a hold will be placed on your FIU account. Individual cases may be referred to Student Affairs for disciplinary action.

Additional Items & Guidelines:

The maximum period of time for which the laptop can be checked out is 7 days. Never leave the laptop computer unattended while it is checked out to you. It is highly recommended that all personal files be saved on your H: drive or on a USB Flash Drive. Any files created and saved on the laptop are automatically erased when the PC is turned off. FIU and the College of Engineering Computer Lab (EIC) assume no responsibility for files stored on the hard drive or on the laptop’s peripheral components. If a laptop computer or associated peripheral equipment covered under this agreement is not returned to the place of checkout by the specified time, it will be considered theft of University property, and appropriate action will be taken as listed above. FIU and EIC are not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user’s disk or network account. Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop computer at any time. Violation of the above policies will constitute grounds for refusal of future service and/or disciplinary action.

A late fee in the amount of $5.00/hr. will be charged for not bringing the computer back on time. Laptops will not be accepted after 5:00 PM, and they must be returned the next day with a late fee of 25$. If the computer is lost, a fee of $450.00 will be charged.

Who can checkout Dell laptops?

Any Engineering student who is in good standing with the university and is currently taking engineering courses (You will be required to submit a current copy of your class schedule).

Where do I checkout the laptops?

The laptops can be checked out at the Engineering Information Center located in EC-2812.

What is the check out/check in times?

Please check with the office staff since the check out/check in times may change for each semester.

What forms of identification do I need to checkout a laptop?

You will need a valid FIU ID card and a driver’s license or other official identification document. In addition, you need to a copy of your class schedule no older than 48 hrs.

How long can I checkout a Dell laptop?

Laptops can be checked out for 7 days. Laptops cannot be reissued to the same student on the day they are returned.

Is there a deposit required upon checkout?


Am I financially responsible for the laptop computer checked out to me if it is damaged, lost, or stolen?

Yes, you are financially responsible for full replacement costs of the laptop and peripherals checked out to you.

What software is available on the laptop?

All Dell laptops are Internet and wireless ready and come with Microsoft Office Professional, McAfee antivirus, Acrobat Reader, and FTP. Installing personal software is prohibited.

Can I save files on the hard drive of the laptop?

No, it is highly recommended that all personal files be saved on your H: drive or on a USB Flash Drive. Any files created and saved on the laptop hard drive are automatically erased when the PC is turned off.