EIC Large Format Printing Services

The Engineering Information Center can now print large format posters up to 42 inches in width. You may select from photo glossy paper to other materials. Also, we can laminate your poster and offer foam board mounting.

Times for receiving posters are strictly from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. WE DO NOT SPELL-CHECK DOCUMENTS OR RESIZE!
PRIORITY RUSH JOB: Any job that requests a turnaround time that is less than 24 hours will have a rush fee of 50% extra on the total cost of the job.

Poster layout size

Should be made to actual final print size
Poster only: MAX size is 42″ x 80″
For foam board MAX size is 36″ x 42″

Text and images should be kept to at least 1 inch from the edge. The shortest edge of the printable area must not exceed 41 inches and maximum length should not exceed 80 inches. When we prepare the document for printing, we add a one (1/2) inch margin around the document (top, bottom, left and right). For example, a poster that is 36″x42″ will be printed and charged with a running length of 42″.

File Format

Printing jobs can be submitted in the following formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PPTX 2010. However, we recommend submitting your poster in PDF format for greater color and graphical accuracy. The poster layout should be made to the actual final print size. For PPTX 2010 format, please ensure you include the fonts you have used. Turnaround time will vary according to our workload. Submitting your job request at least two to three days in advance is advisable.

FIU Logos

All University communications must bear the institutional logo. Please see the following site for available FIU logos:  http://logos.fiu.edu.

Poster Cost

There is a setup fee of $5.00 dollars per poster. The cost of your poster will be calculated based on the setup fee and the actual length of the poster. For photo gloss quality paper, the cost is $ 1.00 per running paper length. Jobs that require additional service, such as re-structuring of the printing area, etc., will incur an additional fee of $ 25.00 for the first hour and $ 25.00 for any additional half hour.

For example, a poster with dimensions of 42-inch width by 60-inch length printed on photo gloss poster quality paper will cost ($ 5.00 + $1.00 x 60 inches) $ 65.00.

Printing Charges (Does not include setup or additional fees):

Running length in inches / Photo Gloss color paper ( $1 / inch )
12 inches = $12.00
24 inches = $24.00
36 inches = $36.00
42 inches = $42.00
48 inches = $48.00
60 inches = $60.00
72 inches = $72.00

Lamination / Foam Board


How to submit your poster

Once you have finished creating your poster, please go to the network R-drive. On the R-drive, you will find a folder named “EIC-Printing-Services”. Inside this folder, there is another folder named “Posters”. In “posters” you must create a folder using your email username (ex: xjoel034) and place your poster file. Using Notepad or Word, create a file with the instructions for your poster, such as your full name, contact information, size of poster, and if lamination and foam board mounting are required.

Finally, click on the button below to fill out the submission form. This will send us an email so we are aware of your request.